All About Me:
Just look at that picture.  You think that's me, but it isn't.  It is actually my alter ego, who lives with me- Nurse Judy!. I am the serious half of this Gemini duo.I was salutatorian of my high school class, valedictorian of my nursing class, and summa cum laude in college.
I have worked in all areas of nursing practice, taught nursing, been state supervisor for all health related programs in Florida, and written non-stop through all of this.
If it wasn't for Nurse Judy I probably would be a famous writer by now.
She infiltrates my columns with silliness. She even infuses some of my book characters with antics that I don't approve of. She's insufferable.
This picture is a good example of what I have to put up with. I was to give a serious talk at a Friends of the Library Author Luncheon. In no time she had put on these cat ears and a boa like the heroine, Nancy, in my book MYSTERY AT MORANIA.(Nancy worked at The Pink Pussycat Club.) Nurse Judy even passed out boas and cat ears to all the attendees.You need to read my columns and books to understand what I go through with her. I do it all for the love of you-my readers.